Venice / Dogtown skaters, locals, and friends owned the evening when they gathered at a Venice performing arts theater, the Electric Lodge, and turned the private Cast & Crew screening into a night to be remembered.

It was the first-ever showing of Made In Venice, and most of the invited guests had only heard about the film second hand. Few knew what to expect. But soon after the lights went out and the screen filled with familiar sights and sounds of the Venice scenes, audience members were down for the duration.

From inside the theater came shouts of “yeah”, “cool” and “awesome”, call-outs for each new skater who showed up on screen, tons of laughter, and thunderous applause.

Bart Seric – who contributed animation segments as well as on-camera comments to Made In Venice  – says, “Thanks for a fun night and a Great film!”

Also in attendance was local Venice online News – Venice, who called Made In Venice a “MUST SEE movie”…. read more at: